February 7th, 2007
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Back In Black


meseal.jpgAs a child, I wore black almost constantly. It was a shy kid growing up, and I’d always try to fit in with “Turtles”, “Transformers” or whatever on my clothes. As time grow on, it changed to more geeky clothing such as Super Mario, Sonic or Street Fighter. Then, when I entered high school, it changed to just plain clothes which were just black.

It stayed that way until the first year of University. My expanding waistline due to the stupid amount of alcohol I was consuming meant that I was wearing black for the “I’m fat” reasons, as opposed to the “black is cool”. The fact that I looked like a total eclipse coupled with the rise of the goth culture meant that black did not suit me. I switched to navy blue, then slowly progressed through all sorts of colours to present day.

Now, after a couple of purchases during the Liverpool weekend and a new jacket this weekend, the amount of plain black clothes I own has doubled to three. Now that I am a little bit lighter, I actually look pretty damn smart in them, and wearing my new black jacket and manscarf has made me feel better about myself: previously I kinda looked a bit like a chav, now I look smart.

I also admit I have a terrible fashion sense. My only chance of ‘fitting in’ is wearing football shirts – I am writing this wearing a wales shirt: it’s 20% lycra, and on a cold day like to day it looks like I’m smuggling peanuts. However, with my new black coat and man scarf against the light backdrop of white Lacoste and Merseyside Facelifts that is in Colwyn Bay Shopping Centre, I no longer fit in. I am rather glad that now, I stand out.

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