February 17th, 2007
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Be Careful What You Wish For…..


In my last post I mentioned that “I needed some things to blog about”, well, today I got something most definitely blog worthy.

Two hours ago, Hannah was being very nice and making me bagels for. She cut herself on her hand, but carried on with her bagels. I joined her in the kitchen where she smiled at me and told me her accident. I offered to take lunch off her, but Han being a little trooper, carried on for a little while more before asking me to take over.

“I’m sitting down for a bit, I feel a bit dizzy”. I thought nothing of it, even when she said “I’m going to lie down on my bed.”. I carried on with the bagels, when I heard a bang.

I turned to find Han lying against the cupboard, and just saw her hit the floor. I’ll be honest, when she couldn’t get back up, I was scared. I ran and asked a few of her flatmates for help, who – thankfully – were a lot better at first aid than me. I immediately became their first aid bitch, doing whatever they asked of me. Nevertheless, we decided to ring for an ambulance.

Han, at this point, was getting a bit hysterical. I was worse, and didn’t really do much help. Even the task of “supporting her back” was too much, as the combination of adrenaline and my heart racing meant that my hands were shaking. In what seemed like a lifetime, the paramedic arrived.

He immediately took control (as he was trained to do), and made sure Han was okay. He made Han sit up immediately and checked her vital signs. She was fine, though her blood sugar was a bit low. After reassuring both Han and (more importantly) myself that Han was fine, he was on his way, and I only became bitch to one person – Han.

We told the important people about the afternoon’s events, and got Han some chocolate and bagels, and I’m looking after her like I usually do.

She’s fine, possibly a little shaken up, but next time God, please give me good things to blog about, like Colwyn Bay winning or huge adsense earnings.

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