February 24th, 2007
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bla.st, Business Cards and itBoxes


I had a good night last night, I almost didn’t go out. Was fun, doing a mini pub crawl around Llandudno. Llandudno’s quiet on a Friday, which is good – Saturday night is always heaving. Anyway, I drank a little bit of alcohol, and actually ended up taking home more money than I spent! Always good when that happens – thanks largely to Catchphrase on the itbox. To borrow a quote from my mate – “It loves to pay out!”.

Anyway, I found a cool new site called bla.st, it’s an online directory of ‘cards’ – Business Card style graphics. Anyway, you upload a ‘card’, and it gets displayed on a page according to how much you spend on ‘advertising’. Of course, you can spend – like me – a big fat $0. It just seems like a cool concept, kind of a bit like that Million Dollar Home Page (the bastard).

If you do decide to join, you can add “tags”, which put you in categories. If you add “rhys wynne” as one of your tags, you can join my network. It could be a bit like mybloglog. Only less spammy.

Still, if you’re bored and need to do something creative, why not make a card and join? You don’t have to be a good designer, mine’s terrible.


It’s free, and it could build up a bit of a community, and you promote your blog for nowt. Surely that can’t be a bad thing?

Righty ho, I’m off to Llandudno (Mum calling me a lazy sod…I’m allowed a lie in on a Saturday!), before sitting down in front of the Rugby. I’m not holding up much hope, to be honest.

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