February 26th, 2007
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British Gas are Arseholes, Switching Suppliers and New Boilers


This is going to be rather a dull post, I’m afraid. All about money and gas suppliers. But it kinda made me angry, hence why I’m blogging about it. If you don’t like it, spam my forum or something.

This morning, the postman came and dropped a few letters through the box. None for me (no further Premium Bond wins, early birthday cards, or train tickets for London this weekend), but one from my mum, from British Gas.

She has this “Price Protection” Plan – quite simply, should the price go up, then she sticks with the old price. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and the phone salesman said things like “loyal customer” and “free” and “bonus”. Of course, there was one thing the salesman forgot to mention – can you guess what it is readers?

From the letter:-

“You may have heard recently that British Gas has dropped it’s prices recently by 17%. As you are part of our price protection scheme, this does not apply to yourselves.

My mum was livid, I read the letter, and I was livid. It is shocking the way some companies treat loyal customers (and mum is loyal – 27 years she’s been with British Gas!), when I worked in the call centre, the company I was with actually stopped taking on new customers – because they got in such a mess with the current ones. They managed to turn it around. I know Han will bitchslap me as she’s had problems with them but o2 gave me £25 off a new pay as you go phone for staying with them.

I’ve told her however that you’ve basically got them over a barrel at the moment. You can either ask for the new price, or cancel your order. It’s that simple. There’s plenty of people out there who will gladly take your money off you, even if it’s a little less.

In happier news, tomorrow we’re getting a new boiler for the house. I have been having cold baths for about 3 months now, and soon I will be having warm ones again! Yay!

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