February 25th, 2007
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Chocolate, Something for the Weekend and Impressionists


I mentioned to Sayre in my last post what I have given up for lent. I had trouble thinking up of what I wanted to give up, as I had been successful for two previous years, and fancied something a bit different.

Well, 3 days in, and I thought of something. Plus I hadn’t cheated as I haven’t eaten it since Lent.

chocstockpic1.jpgI’m giving up chocolate.

It was a comment from nal last week that sort of made me think “yeah, let it be chocolate”. So I am embarking on a 40 days and 40 nights without Chocolate. Within that time is my birthday (March 4th, write it in your diary), so if you are thinking about getting me anything, don’t let it be chocolate. Do what Han’s planning to do, and give me the clap.

One thing that has not helped me in the slightest is Something For The Weekend. This week, Chelski Scum (but a legend) Lovejoy and his Bald Scouse Mate made Chocolate Brownies, in a recipe that resembled those M & S food porn adverts. With pure chocolate being poured everywhere. I was so tempted to run to the kitchen to eat a Yorkie or something.

Cruel Lovejoy, why does thou mock me?

Also from Something for the Weekend they had a couple of people from Dead Ringers, a satirical comedy show. They had two of the impressionists from the show. This got me thinking: whenever have you seen an impressionist on a talk show NOT do an impression? I’d love to see it, really I would.

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