February 12th, 2007
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Five Questions, and Five Questions Only


I’ve got a few questions that have been in my mind for the last few days, which I thought I’d share with you guys….

1. What do you prefer links to be like? Links to open in a new window, or links to open in the same window?

2. How do you reset the default size of windows in Firefox? I can’t comment on blogger blogs with pop up comment boxes because the new boxes are tiny.

3. Wasn’t last night’s Top Gear both amazing and disturbing that there are so morally stubborn bigoted people living in a developed nation?

4. Can you still get BBQ Rib Walkers Crisps anymore? The food equivalent of multiple orgasms seems to be missing from my local shop.

5. Is it wrong to have WWE Wrestler Themes (particularly Edge’s) on your MP3 Player?

Yes, it’s lazy blogging. I think I’m getting man flu though, so – whilst I’ll soldier on with my nose resembling Mount Vesnottiness – I can’t expected to be hugely creative. Paragraph deleted because people think I’m being a bit pathetic.

UPDATE: For those who haven’t seen it (and for those who have) here’s the best bit from last night’s Top Gear episode:

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Wonderful Electric for the link.

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