February 11th, 2007
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Golfing in Betws-Yn-Rhos


After Colwyn Bay achieved victory against Shepshed Dynamo, I went on a mini bender on Spitfire’s and Zyeweic’s. Long story short: when I finally emerged from my hovel after midday, I had a hangover from death.

So you can imagine my thrill when a mate rang me up to ask me if I wanted to go to Betws-Yn-Rhos for 9 holes of golf. Actually, I was well up for it, fresh air is a great cure for a hangover. After grabbing some food and digging out some of my golf clubs, I hit the greens.

There are two nine hole courses at the golf course, we played the “Old 9″, which is basically a lot trickier for my style of golfing. Reason being is that I cannot connect properly, and instead of going in the air, the balls roll along the ground. There are a lot of up and down bits, including “ravines”, on the old course.

After a while, the camera came out, and we began videoing each other. This was done partly for my own amusement, and partly because all forms of competitiveness went out the window on the second hole when I took 11 shots. This was one of my better offerings.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, that’s me, and don’t be fooled – that was one of my better swings. Also, I look huge, which I don’t like.

The weather closed in, and we waved through some players faster than ourselves. While we waited, we did some searching for golf balls….

Following 9 holes (4 in the freezing rain), and a shocking 79 shots, we finished our round, and headed to the Wheatsheaf, where we watched the end of the Ireland vs. France game, as well as play a few round of darts (one of which I won), before I headed home for some roast beef dinner.

Usually I’m the worst person for hangovers, but I suppose now if I just get on with it and do something, I dunno, maybe I can cope them.

In other news: it’s mine and Han’s three month anniversary. I’m not making a big deal on here as it’s Valentine’s Day soon, so two slushy posts in a week (4 if you include the snow posts, boom boom!) may be a bit much. Nevertheless, show her some love – but in the comments here, as she is changing server and doesn’t want to lose any comments. Cheers!

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