February 8th, 2007
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Guide To Disrupting Your Local School & Coast 96.3 With Your Blog


I went to bed early last night, so this morning’s entry was written, bright and early, when I woke up at around 7-ish. As such, it was on the internet before heading off to work this morning.

I had a bowl of cereal, and checked back onto my blog, where I saw 0 comments, 0 trackbacks, but a few interesting stats.


By the looks of it, that post got picked up by Google’s blog search pretty quickly, and was coming up tops. This was bad, I don’t want the Chavy Baby Factories to keep their little Jimmy off school because they got the impression that some guy on the internet said that Eirias was off. Quick as a flash I updated the post to include a stern, yet subtle statement saying that, as far as I knew, Eirias was open, and set off to work.

I couldn’t find my mp3 player, so I plugged in the hands free kit into my phone, and listened to the only station I could get, Coast 96.3. It played it’s mix of music that’s seemingly uniform with commercial radio stations, which I wasn’t really paying attention to, but something the DJ said at about 8:45 got my attention.

“There are lots of false rumours going around at the moment regarding certain schools being closed when they are not. We have been informed to tell you all that Eirias High School in Colwyn Bay is open”

Now, I’d love to think that those “false rumours” are attaining to those who googled my last post, then rang Coast FM to say “some Welsh guy on the internet said the school was shut”. They’re most likely not, but seeing as we don’t know any better, I’m claiming it.

Moral of the story people: don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

That and don’t include the words “8 inches” in comments, even if you’re Guy. The spam blocker doesn’t like it.

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