February 14th, 2007
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Happy Valentine’s Day! I think…


Photographer is Zemlinki

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Now, apart from that picture pandering to Han’s obsessive love for kittens and cats, you may be surprised to know that myself and Han sat down last night, talked for a few hours, and came to the same conclusion.

Valentine’s Day, it’s not that great.

This is only the second Valentine’s day ever for me that I’ve had a girlfriend, and – whilst I begged my ex two years ago for a card (as I never had one before), this year I’m slightly melancholy. I’m not going to boast about getting a card from somebody either, as being single on Valentine’s Day can be depressing, if hugely bloggable (I refer you to Mayogate – as Fern called it – last year). Truth be told I was actually very miserable that day, being the only one in the house not upto my nuts in guts.

Maybe it’s just me, but if you care about somebody, why do it especially on one day per year?

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day everybody, whatever and whoever you decide to do. You may now leave your undying declarations of love in the comment box. Or show off by how much you spent on that smoke message written in the sky.

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