February 22nd, 2007
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Laptops, Back Problems and Blog Awards



Han always has a dig at me about my posture in front of the computer. My computer chair is – effectively – my bed. I suffered a few weeks ago with terrible back pain that lasted for about a week. I have a solution to my woes:

A laptop.

With a wireless laptop I can sit anywhere, and not ALWAYS in the contorted, convalouted, spine-sodomizing positions I currently sit in now. I could even blog on the bog if I wanted to. Sure, I can always return to my PC if and when need be, but I feel I could so use a laptop.

And I want you to help me get one.

No no! I’m not encouraging you to click on my ads (that will get me in trouble), or indeed asking you to hand over your hard earned cash, oh no. This is something you can make happen.

Free newspaper The Metro are running a “Best British Blog” competition. Okay, you have to register to nominate, but I found my old fantasy football account worked. The prize? Well, for the Wierd-and-Wonderful category (the one that I’m gunning for), is a Sony Vaio Laptop. The categories are a little vague to be honest, but as somebody who have at times been described as both wierd and wonderful, I feel this is the one for me.

So please, for the good of my back, nominate me.

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