February 13th, 2007
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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Advertising Is Terrible


A lot of people have talked a lot about those Apple Ads and the fact it’s a terrible piece of casting (the Mac comes across like Jeremy from Peep Show: an arrogant jerk, whilst the PC comes across like Mark: a difficult, awkward yet amicable character). However, it isn’t just Mac who produce quality adverts that actually don’t quite work.

I walked into a local computer shop, looking for nothing in particular, whereby I found a leaflet advertising Windows Vista in all it’s wonderful shapes and sizes. It was well designed, don’t get me wrong, but by god one thing made me laugh.


I’m sorry, but if I had a new “cutting edge” piece of software, I’m sure I could find something better to advertise it than a card game. I mean, my phone has card games on it, and they are a lot better.

In happier news: Windows Vista has Texas Hold ‘Em……..bonus!

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