February 9th, 2007
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More Snow Pictures and Masterchef Drinking Game


There was again more snow last night, but alas the second day of snowfall is never as good as the first. The first day of snow is always the best as it’s virginial, and everything looks clean. Now, it’s all a bit messy, and slushy like some of my handmade valentine’s day cards.

Seeing as how we’re still in “Britain in Chaos” mode, I can’t really think of anything blogworthy to say, so – for that – here’s some pictures of the snow. Meh, it won’t get me many adsense clicks, but I haven’t been doing well recently anyway.

Snow in the woods….

Snow in Prince’s Gardens, Colwyn Bay

Snow topped Church.

I’ll upload the rest of the pics, fullsized to my Flickr account later today.

In other news, me and Aled have recently come up with a drinking game to our favourite TV Show at the moment: Masterchef Goes Large. Rules are very simple: whenever the bald one says “A Good, Honest Plate Of Food”, you drink.

What drinking games have you come up with?

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