February 10th, 2007
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Music & Lyrics, Colwyn Bay and Play For Your Club


Below is a list of movies that are better than Music and Lyrics:

It is dire, but I actually do feel a bit cheated.

Hugh Grant was on “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” – a segment on Top Gear, a predominantly blokey (and Han program. I thought “meh, there must be something that, as a man, I will like about the film.

Uh huh.

Nothing in this film people with an functional Y chromosome (and Han) will like. Even Cora, the singer who they are writing the song for, comes across as very, very creepy with her over inflated spiritual side. Even when she’s shaking it like a Polaroid picture, and performing some Buddist Lap Dance, I could only think “Shagging her would be like shagging the Dalai Lama“.

So, Hugh Grant is Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore is Drew Barrymore. It’s nothing you haven’t seen a mazillion times before, and all the funny bits are in the trailers. Girls’d probably love it though. And Sibley.

Right, onto more important matters: whilst many poofter higher league games have been cancelled due to the snow, the almighty clash between Colwyn Bay vs. (the amusingly named) Shepshed Dynamo is on, if you can make it – kick off is at 3pm. If you can’t, could you please send an email to Playforyourclub.com to get them to include Colwyn Bay there? I mean, they’ve got teams lower than us in the league such as FC United, and even shit teams like Rhyl there. Why not the mighty seagulls? I’ve sent an email to them, I urge you too as well.

Oh, and once that’s done, sit down and watch us dick on the jocks.

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