February 5th, 2007
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My 23rd Birthday, Journey Back, Photography & Mates Blogs


One ace point about my weekend that I failed to mention was that major steps for the planning of my 23rd birthday went underway! On the 4th of next month I turn 23 (which, that thought alone, is very, very scary). Me and Han booked a hotel in the West London for dirt cheap. From the images, it looks like we got a steal: it looks very, very pretty. But we shall see, won’t we when we arrive.

With that said, me and Han are planning on doing the one thing we were planning on doing before we got…ahem…’distracted’: going out in London. Neither of us are major heavy drinkers, and would much rather find a nice pub rather than go dancing. Well, Han would prefer dancing, but fuck it, it’s my fucking birthday, and if I want to sit in a pub/bar in Covent Garden, drinking real ale, then I shall.

However, I am open to suggestions. Where should I go to get fairly merry on Saturday 3rd March?

The one thing I am dreading about my actual birthday is the fact that I’ll have to navigate the Dickensian rail network, on a Sunday, with a hangover the size of Barnsley. The journey back wasn’t too bad (my new coat, which has pockets I’m sure that lead to Narnia, is also a bloody good travel pillow), but apparently I disturbed a rather important business meeting by talking in my sleep. Cheap bastard company should’ve splashed out for first class, I say.

The journey down, as previously mentioned, was terrible. I cannot articulate at how frustrated I was when arriving into London Euston, the train was 55 minutes late, as opposed to the “We give refunds” at an hour. It still fucked up my visit, meaning I lost a precious hour with the gorgeous Han. If I see Richard Branson in the street, I’ll threaten to shave off his crap goatee unless he gives me 50 notes in compensation.

Right. Rant out of the way. Happy time. I feel I should do more with my phone camera. If you ever go into Han‘s room in Kent (you do, and I will be asking serious questions), you’ll notice her moo cards, which are like business cards, but with her flickr photos on them. As I have seemingly began to inherit han’s cleanliness and non-ballscratchingness, I also want moo cards. But my photos are, well, crap. So, I hope to be snapping away to try and get better.

Finally, I thought I’d pimp my mates blog, Tom (lurker Tom, not commenter Tom) has started a blog on football, called The Beautiful Game. He has sent quite a bit of traffic this way, hence the pluggage. It’s not for everybody I know, but if you are interested in football, it’s well worth reading.

Plus he’d probably give me digs at easter if I didn’t mention it.

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