February 27th, 2007
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My Birthday, Thorpe Park and London Town


I guess it’s out of the bag now, thanks to Celeste (not that I was keeping it secret), my birthday plans.

First of all, this year is a bitch as it falls on a Sunday. Thanks to university and general weekendedness, I haven’t been at work/studying on my birthday since my 18th (which was A-Level Day), which is a good good thing. This year however, the large part of March 4th will be spent on a train?

Why? Well, this weekend me and Han have booked a dirty weekend away. Except Guy is joining us. And Celeste. And it won’t be that dirty. We’re going to Thorpe Park, which is a theme park in the South of England. It doesn’t look as ace as Alton Towers, with less roller coasters. But it shall be fun. We are then going out for drinks in inner city London (will you be around there? Comment to let me know).

So, that’s the plans for this weekend. I am so looking forward to it, but Han really isn’t. Reason being she’s struggling for my gift. She’d appreciate ideas, have you got any?

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