February 22nd, 2007
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My Brother in the North Wales Pioneer, RSS Feeds & Comments


Last night, Aled (the younger, less commenty) of my two brothers played his first gig at The Washington in Llandudno (where Lemmy from Motorhead used to hang out) with the band, kevCeejay. Alas, I would’ve loved to have gone, but I couldn’t get transportation there and back. Al kinda annoys me with his drumming when I’m hungover, but have been told he’s very good at drumming. I used to think he looked like a third of Hanson when his hair was long, and used to whistle MmmBop whenever he was out of earshot. He must’ve heard, as a week later he trimmed his locks.

Anyway, as a way of making up to him that I didn’t see him, plus I’ve got nothing else to blog about, I’ll pimp the band’s myspace, which can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/kevceejayrocks. Go and listen to my brother, who – like his other brother Rick – is obscenely more talented than yours truly. It’s just not fair. He even got a bit about the gig in the North Wales Pioneer: the only North Wales Paper I’ve yet to appear in story form. I mean, they had a site from Geocities printed in there once, for goodness sakes. The second they write about blogging though, I’ll be insulted if I don’t get a call.

Right, in other news, Manuel suggested that I should give up “Blogging Every Day” for lent. I enjoy blogging every day though, and I feel it does me good: I have to think and be creative. So I shall not. Are people having trouble keeping up though? I suggest if you do you should subscribe to my RSS feed. RSS has changed the way in which I read blogs, and it should do yours too. Unsure what RSS is? Well, you can subscribe via email now too, type your email into the textbox just to the right of this paragraph, and press subscribe. You will recieve updates of this blog to your email. Ensure you never miss a entry, and don’t be afraid about commenting on past entries, I do get email, and I read every one. So why not consider subscribing?

Also from this, I also installed a “Subscribe To Comments” Feature. Most people who leave comments get an email reply from me, and I usually post what I put there here too, so this just makes life easier for me. I haven’t tested it, so if you notice any problems, please let me know, cheers m’dears.

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