February 20th, 2007
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Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday


Today is Pancake Day in the UK (do they celebrate it elsewhere?). I’m not sure about other countries, but basically traditional pancakes are eaten either as a pudding, starter, or as a full blown meal. Whilst some of you are screaming “Oh shit! I forgot the flour, eggs and milk”, and are running off to the local Tescos to purchase these items. For those of you who are left, you will enjoy a short story on “Our” Pancake Day, last Sunday, with myself and Han.

We decided to forgo making proper pancakes and instead went for the cheap and easy pancake batter mix. This provided our first discussion/argument, on how to make it. Han was adamant that the batter mix gets added to the egg and water, I was sure it was the other way around. After threats, promises and threats, Han got her way.


She was happy, I wasn’t.


To appease me, Han designated me as chief stirrer, a position I accepted on one condition: that I had a photo taken of me so that it looked like I knew what I was doing.


It may be tricky to work out what I was doing, but I was getting rid of lumps in the mixture, the fork is moving so fast, the camera can’t capture it.

After another discussion on how many lumps we want in the mixture, the time came to make the pancakes. Han was up first, and she dropped some batter into the pan. It looked okay to begin with….


But Han wasn’t happy.


On plating up, we saw why. It wasn’t going to win Masterchef.


Next came my turn. Surely I couldn’t fuck this up?


Bollocks. Han then had another go, and produced the perfect pancake.


She was most impressed with her cooking.


I then had another go, but I managed to put too much oil into the pan, and ended up shallow frying it.


Pancakes, as you may already tell, are not my forte. Han cooked a baby pancake to finish, and we were full.


I’ve decided, while I’m generally ace at cooking, Pancakes are just my stumbling blog that I’ll never, ever be able to cook. I dunno why. I’m sure Gordon Ramsay has some Bogey Dishes, that he can not do anything with.

Also, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and I haven’t given up anything for lent. Any suggestions?

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