February 7th, 2007
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PowerPlay Golf – Like Twenty20, but Golf


An article that attracted my attention on the BBC website was the launch of PowerPlay Golf. Basically, it seems to be like Rugby Sevens and Twenty20 Cricket in that is a faster game of golf. From what I read, these are the rules:-

  • Played over 9 holes
  • Two holes on each green one easy, and one hard
  • Three “PowerPlays”, where you have to go for the hard hole
  • “Closest to the pin” bonus points

There is also a scoring system which I couldn’t be bothered figuring out. All in all, I don’t like a lot of these “Made for TV” Sports. I like Test Match cricket and full rugby games, because it’s goes on longer, and you can get pissed. I just feel this PowerPlay Golf is similar to some of the bonus games on Tiger Woods’ Golf for the Playstation.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Also, if you have no interest in what I’ve written, which sport would you make more exciting, and how?

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