February 15th, 2007
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Premium Bonds and Funny Looks on Valentine’s Day


So, how was your valentine’s day?

Mine was good, I had a nice little letter post through my door yesterday. Don’t worry! It wasn’t a Valentine’s Day card oh no, something even more better.

A cheque, from the NS&I, saying I won £50 on the Premium Bonds.

You cannot explain how £50 has made me so happy. I had begun giving up on them, after Guy so effectively sold them to me. Now, I wish there was an affiliate scheme so that I could sell them to people and get some sort of money back. I don’t hold much, and I suppose I just got really lucky. But I’m so happy for picking up a win.

After picking it up, paying in the cheque and working 7 and a half hours, I headed home and saw Rick had come home, we made plans for the evening and caught up on what we had been doing. I then went on Skype and – as a Valentine’s Day treat, Han showed me her newly acquired scars over Skype. Lovely.

About 9pm, me and Rick got bored so we headed off to the Pen for some real ale. It was then we forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so we guessed it would be packed. Thankfully, it was just dying down (the loved up upper middle classes who dine there probably had let their oysters kicked in, and headed home for some bedroom gymnastics), but there was still a few couples in there. Me and my brother took a table, sat down opposite each other, with a candle inbetween us. It was then Rick made an observation on those who were around us.

“Do you think they think we’re gay?”

On that bombshell, I moved seats so it didn’t seem like I was gazing lovingly into my brothers eyes (seem guys, I wasn’t, just…..wrong). In the end, after a few drinks, talked about everything and anything. We then went home, and caught the last 10 minutes of the Brits, then called it an early night. Okay, not your typical Valentine’s Day, but I had fun.

How was yours?

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