February 8th, 2007
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“It’ll never snow!” I said yesterday to my work colleagues. “We’re by the coast, and Helen…” (Helen Willets, BBC Weather Girl, and her family and my family know each other – probably the most famous person I know) “…said that there was a break in the snow over Colwyn Bay.”

Well, Helen lied to us.


Shit. You win again mother nature.

I’m sure it’s terrible elsewhere in the country, but here it aint so bad – it’s about as deep as Ashley Cole’s autobiography. The only person who is suffering is my brother, who – when it announced the chance of snow – put down his homework and went to the pub. He is not impressed at the fact that Eirias High School is going to be taking classes. He’s currently waiting for a second snowfall to kick in, either that or lie to the BBC and inform them to add Eirias High School to the list of school closures (it hasn’t, it is most definitely open).

Myself? I’m off to work as usual, snow is really not that much fun when you can’t play in it. Nonetheless, the fact that my MP3 player has a habit of randomly selecting to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holidng out for a Hero” at an alarming regularity, plus the seasonal weather, meaning I feel today’s walk to work would be invigourating, in a “The Day After Tomorrow” stylee.

So, dear readers, what will you do now today now that “Britian is in Crisis”?

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