February 1st, 2007
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The Secret To Increasing Relevant Blog Traffic


From the most unlikely of sources: Open Source Campaigner, Comment Addict, and all round sexybeast Han. On Skype, whilst discussing Fern’s blog:

“You do realise Rhys, that Fern’s most succesful post, in terms of comments, is the one where she got her boobs out?”
**sighs** “Rightyho….”

Bless her, she got all excited this afternoon after Text Link Ads paid her money. And it was more than me. And my money went on her Valentine’s Present.

In other news: the the most anticipated interview since Post-Crash Richard Hammond on Johnathan Ross has be published. Yes! The Ratemyblog.co.uk interview with me, whereby I talk about my experiences from my “Only 4 Years” (Han’s words) blogging. Check out the rest of the site, it’s ace, and you can rate other people’s blogs, as well as getting a review from somebody else. Providing you don’t give yourself all 10/10s, and you’re not a complete retard, you will be loved on there. You can digg it here or reddit it here.
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