February 9th, 2007
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Why I Didn’t Develop Skype, and Why Sourceforge Hates Han


Han has single handedly broken Kent Uni’s internet (it hosts Sourceforge), so she is freaking out that she is internetless. Normally, she’d be online with a mug of tea looking at kittens, I’d be online with a pint of boddies and looking at some…monkeys having sex or something amusing. Both of us would be on Skype though, talking to each other. That talking has become texting. Below is the jist of some of the texts…

“Phew, I can get on the net on my phone. Thought I was completely cut off!”

“Yeah. You’d think that somebody would do the decent thing and invent Skype for a phone.”

“Rhys, they have. Want to know what it’s called?”


“A phone.”


Meh, I freely admit I’m not thinking right tonight. So bored. Guy’s the same. Both of us are looking for the same thing this evening – a few drinks, get merry drunk. Shame we’re now a 3 hour train journey away, across the snow.

EDIT: Turns out I have got something to do tonight. I’m going to the cinema to see “Music & Lyrics”. I’ll be honest it’s more for the company, as opposed to the film, and Drew Barrymore is on my list of “Women I could quite happily get through life with without seeing nekkid”. My first thought was actually “Gives me something to blog about tomorrow!”. I’ll let you know how shit it is tomorrow.

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