March 13th, 2007
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Dentists in North Wales, The NHS and Teeth Problems


It would be fair to say that last week was not a good week. On top of all that has previously been mentioned, I had to go to the dentist.

I was actually looking forward to it to be honest, I had extensive dental work done about 3 months back, so thought “hmmm…how can much damage can I do to my teeth in 3 months?”.

Turns out quite a lot.

The tooth in question was the same one I had root canal treatment on 3 months ago. It has become brittle, because it’s been played with so much. The solution? A crown. Which, on the NHS, is £177.00.

Ouch, that left a bad taste in my mouth, and I winced when the Dentist said.

The thing I am pissed off with is that I had already paid £40 for the treatment so far. I’m pretty sure that if they said “Hey, this tooth is probably going to go brittle, so we’ll stick a crown on it”, it would’ve saved me 40 notes. I’m not too happy that it is classed as a separate treatment.

The worst thing was that as we were leaving, some Charlie Chav stinking of white lightning demanded to get her tooth looked at. Some high up with their infinite wisdom (pardon the pun) have decided that she gets it for nowt, when she is more than capable of working. I on the other hand, who has tried to advance this country’s economy has to pay.

I have however had a look online, and found a form you can fill (pardon the pun) and you get put on a scale (again, no pun intended) depending on how much you earn. Well, by the looks of it anyway. Do you reckon it’s worth me applying as I’m on less than £16,000? Or should I not bother as the council will probably find a way to make me pay?

£177 is a lot of money for me (it’s £2 off a Wii. or about a third I earn in the average month), so any help would be well received.

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