March 18th, 2007
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Happy Mothers Day, Mum


Reason #348 for why I love my mum is that she told me that “If I got her a card for mothers day, that she would probably rip it up and vomit from it’s corporate feigned cutseyness”. I quite agree, not because I’ll never get a Mothers Day card, but it is too commercial – the fact that I saw a “Happy Mothers Day To My Girlfriend” Card this week kind of shows the commercialism involved with this day. The pubs are probably raking it in though with set menus.

So, in that effect, I feel no guilt for my hangover due to an ace day of sport yesterday with Wales beating the English, and Ireland beating Pakistan in the Cricket. Only a dodgy away result for Colwyn Bay against a 13 man team that nobody likes marred the day. But yes, I am hungover after St Paddy’s, as is Han (which is so amusing), as are my two brothers.

But today I feel I should get into the spirit of things by wishing my mum a happy mother’s day. She is probably the best mum a guy could ever have, and has done so much for me, especially in the last year. She shares my joy, and my pain. The fact that I’m not the slightest bit embarrassed by her. She is a brilliant cook (something she wishes she wasn’t), has a great sense of humour (the fact that so many of you enjoy this blog is largely due to her), and I can talk to her about anything. She is my mum, and I love her to bits.


Happy mothers day, mum :)

For the next couple of hours, me, mum and Bonnie are going to sit on the sofa, and watch Liverpool vs. Aston Villa. It’s what she wants to do.

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