March 28th, 2007
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I Can’t Get No Sleep


Yesterday I had a sure sign of getting old: I fell asleep in the sun. It was a gorgeous day, and I didn’t get robbed. A quick post-lunch power nap never did any harm. Feeling myself fall to sleep, I did set an alarm for the end of my lunch hour.

Did the alarm ring? No! Instead I was awoken by a text from a number I didn’t recognise.

Tom and Guy win. They are in Sydney. They are drunk. Ish

Fuck sake. They’re over 10,000 miles away, and they are still waking me up with their drunken exploits, for christ sakes!

In other news: Colwyn Bay‘s slim hope of promotion is still alive, after winning 2-1 last night. It wasn’t pretty, but it’ll do.

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