March 25th, 2007
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I Did It!


Yes. Suprising even myself, I managed 24 hours without turning on my computer or using the internet. I completed Shutdown Day. I’ll be honest, it was tough. As I had to contend with:-

  • My mum being completely inept at using the internet, and wanting me to download a (rather important, to be honest) form. I felt I couldn’t tell her explicitly about shutdown day, so I just convinced her that there’d be no point filling in the important form, I’m busy today, so I’ll sort it out tomorrow…err…today.
  • My best mate buggering off to the other side of the world today, so I wouldn’t catch up with him on MSN before he went. So I rang him last night, and he said he’s not leaving until 10:15pm tomorrow. So that worked out okay.
  • Not knowing the Wales or Scotland score in the football.

So, as you can imagine, it was pretty tough. I knew I had to keep myself busy otherwise I would’ve slipped. In the morning, I went to Llandudno, and bought myself some Wii points as well as a Wii Classic Controller. as I feel I would be needing this later on.

After testing out my new purchase, I then went to to watch Colwyn Bay play against a bunch of thugs, I have never seen a bunch of football players having the shit kicked out of like I did yesterday. We drew, which was probably a fair result. It does mean that our playoff chances to a huge blow, but – worse – we have a bunch of players struggling to get fit for Tuesday night’s game after yesterdays thuggery.

After the football, I went back home and caught up with Rick, who had arrived back from Nottingham. He gave me my birthday present – Eric Bischoff’s Autobiography – which is a fascinating read. We then played Wii Play and Wii Sports for about 2 hours, had tea, watched the rugby then a fascinating documentary on Operation Chariot by Jeremy Clarkson, then took our mum to the pub. We’re nice like that. Rick over the course of two hours installed this traveling bug inside me, saying what I should do, where I should go, that sort of jazz. I arrived back at quarter to midnight, drunk, happy, and quite satisfied that I achieved what I believe was the impossible.

So, what was the damage. Logging on after 24 hours, I had:-

  • 33 e-mails, of which 6 were worth reading.
  • 92 unread rss feed posts.
  • An extra $1.50 in my Adsense account.
  • Guy pestering me on MSN.
  • A poke from Han on my facebook.

There was 1 thing that helped me survive, Wii’s Virtual Console. I shall explain more tomorrow!

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