March 23rd, 2007
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Shutdown Day – 24th March 2007


Could you survive 24 hours without a computer?


Shutdown Day is a day whereby people shut down their computers for 24 hours, for no other reason “just to see if they can”. I just fancy doing it, it’s a Saturday. 24 hours without a computer.

By the way, the Wii doesn’t count (it’s a games console). But I won’t use the internet channel.

If you have my Wii number, or my phone, check on me at around 8pm, I may be going delirious.

I will be blogging my day on Saturday, but using an old notepad. I should have a night out, and Colwyn Bay vs. Bridlington to keep me occupied.

So, over to you, could you live 24 hours without a computer? Are you taking part? What would you do to take your mind off Internet Withdrawal Syndrome?

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