March 2nd, 2007
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St David’s Day Parade, Text Link Ads and the Weekend Ahead


Guy mentioned yesterday about what celebrations there are for St. Davids Day. There are a few going on, and a lot of people are doing increasingly more to celebrate (myself? I’m drinking Brains St David’s Ale), but the school kids did a parade yesterday. I took a few photos from work, and heavily edited them as not to get in trouble (you could kinda make out where I worked with the originals).



Okay, it’s hardly Mardi Gras, but a few years ago they did sod all. It’s nice that our local town is doing something – closing the main road to run a parade. There was also a few promotional buses parked outside of town – I got a Rugby Ball which I caught with a catch that’d make a Paul Collingwood Catch look ordinary. So it was a good day yesterday!

The other piece of good news was from Text Link Ads, who paid me for hosting ads on my blog.



Seriously, it’s the easiest money I’ve ever earnt, and it’s well worth investing for those of you with blogs. For hosting small links on your site, you can earn easy money too. Click here to join.

Right, at 12:30 today I’m buggering off to London to be with Han, Celeste, Guy and whoever else wants to show their face around Covent Garden area on a Saturday Night. Have a lovely weekend whatever you do, and I’ll see you all Sunday, my Birthday!

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