March 9th, 2007
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Thank You


It’s nice to feel loved.

For those of you who are visiting this blog for the first time, please refer to the last post into what has recently happened. Either way, I’m sure most of you know, and I just want to take time to thank those who have helped me over the last few days.

Thank you Guy – who kept emailing me and checking up on me, suggesting some crazy ideas which probably won’t come to fruition, as well as providing the beer for which I drank Wednesday evening. Thank you Celeste, who I probably cost a promotion in her big Business Woman job by emailing her constantly. Thank you Z, for being a good friend and leaving such a warm and lovely comment. thank you Sazzle for being a great friend in a shit friend kinda way, as well as living proof that people who went out can still be friends. Thanks to Ian for being a friend, even though I haven’t spoken to him in ages. Thanks to Sibley for being the first person to MSN me after work, and Sian to text me asking if I want to drink sometime (which, unsuprisingly, I’ll take up on) and Dimps for listening to me on the phone for ages. Thanks to Dawn for a always looking out for me. Thanks to Peter for his comments, which I knew what he meant and took the right way. Thanks finally to my family, my mum especially, who has been absolutely fantastic the past few days, and I love her to bits.

Thanks to Ryan, Tilesey, Paddy for suggesting I should go for drinks (“not pissed”, “maybe get pissed”, “get pissed like you’ve never got pissed before” respectively). Thanks to Ally for being such a warm soul. Thanks to Sayre for her comment that touched me, Manuel for his comment that suprised me, and Jem’s comment on Han’s blog inspired me. Thanks to Debbie for her random internet love, Matt for his blog love, nAl for her orchid covered basket love, and Brandy for her….ummmm…hanging love.

Thanks to my workmates – Paul & Grant, for putting up with me, and the “good job” I got from a few clients – it made my day. Thanks to Google for dropping subtle hints on Han’s blog last night.


Thanks to Online Casino Bluebook, who gave me money to advertise on this site yesterday, Text Link Ads – and the guy who gave me a referral, and all those who clicked on Adsense. It’s not as much as the amount that Richard Hammond raised when his head was fucked, but it made me happy. Thank you to Sarah, Vicky and Lucy who commented on my blog on Facebook.

But most of all, thank you Han, just for being Han. You should never change anything about you, you’re wonderful. Thank you for letting a strange Colwyn Bay Myspace pervert into your life and making me so happy. Seeing you sat on your laptop singing “tra, la, la”, explaining to me the intricate relationships of the Star Trek Deep Space 9 Characters, threatening me with running off with James May should I leave the toilet seat up, and god knows what else made me happy. You will make a fella extra-ordinarily happy one day, I’ll just have to make do with ordinarily happy, which I am for just knowing you.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

Right, now we’ve got the sentimental bollocks out of the way, I’m having a weekend away from the internet (as much as I can manage, anyway). I’ve had a tough week through one thing and the other. However, don’t threat. This blog is not dead. Instead, it’ll be making a return that’ll eclipse the returns of Richard Hammond, Jesus Christ and The Ultimate Warrior. Combined.

Back Monday.

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