March 6th, 2007
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Thorpe Park, London Chinese Food, and Lunar Eclipses


When we arrived at London, I had a scary moment whereby I dropped my mobile phone and it skidded nearly onto the underground track. However, it didn’t. Han was a little later than me (the first time I’ve beaten Han anywhere, a point that amused me for about 10 minutes) so I spent my time finding out where the hotel was, and sure enough we found it.

The hotel was lovely, with hard floors, huge marble bathroom (which, we found that it was not designed for practicality, as the sink was a bugger to get clean) and Andy Warhol esque paintings on the wall.


The view from the window was over an industrial estate, but it didn’t matter, as we saw a giant Mobli.


After watching some TV, we went down to get some food, me to get a beer (they had Boddies on tap!), and Han to get her internet fix. The food was nice (well, I liked my dish, Han wasn’t to keen on hers), and we had a few drinks and ordered room service (which I had to get), before going to sleep.

We awoke fairly early on the Saturday morning, as we were going to meet Guy and Celeste for a day at Thorpe Park. As well as this, I got to meet Han’s parents and her cats, all of which were lovely and accommodating (except Smudge, who just plonked herself under the radiator). After a “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” phone call from Guy, we headed off to see them.

Thorpe park is a lot smaller than I expected, but I expected Alton Towers, which covers an area the size of Denmark. Nevertheless, we went on a few stomach churning rides to begin with (teacups, swinging banana ride, and a ferris wheel), but I then sat out one of the bigger rides – The Vortex. I really didn’t fancy it.

We went for a spot of lunch before playing a Donkey Derby style game (I came third, Celeste came second), and then we went on the Western Shooter game, which fired Water cannons depending on the target hit. Allow me to show, in graphical form, the trajectory of the water cannons.



It was a conspiracy, I tell you. Luckily I had a waterproof on, but I still got soaked, even after ducking and diving. Conspiracally, Celeste, Han and Guy remained bone dry, and my gun had more bullets in it.


After a go on the bra-bursting Colossus and sitting on the broken down Quantum, we left to get ready for the night out in London. The first thing I saw was Picadilly circus after arriving, and it was just insanely busy.


We then went to Chinatown for the restaurant. This was very pretty.


One thing me and Guy noticed was there was a lot of Ladbrokes shops. After stuffing ourselves with chinese food, we then went to a bar, where me and Han got a photo of ourselves, further proving the fact that I cannot keep my eyes open at times.



We then went to the Punch & Judy in Covent Garden, but we stopped to take a picture of the Lunar Eclipse that was happening at the time.


Despite what Han says, there are two things that impress every human being: Juggling and Eclipses. Han didn’t know I was a bit of an astro-geek, but it was rather exciting.


We posed for a group shot, and then a catalog/myspace pose, which I’m only posting because Han thinks I look gorgeous in it.


I know, she’s insane.

All in all, it was a good day. However, I have kinda decided that I couldn’t live in Central London, it’s just too busy. I did have fun, and I will be heading down that way soon (a few exciting developments have taken place over the last 24 hours, which I won’t share yet, as nothing is confirmed). I will be hopefully seeing Han again soon, and hope to see Celeste not much longer after that. Guy on the other hand is buggering off to the other side of the world, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t even a little bit emotional on the train back to the hotel.

But still, it was an awesome weekend, thanks for the CD and card Han, I do less than 3 you ;), and although my mum said that the Dafydd Thomas card “Violated Her Mantlepiece” Guy and Celeste, it was very much appreciated, as was the beer. Here’s to a good 24th year on the planet!

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