March 31st, 2007
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Website Translation Quiz, Still Drunk, and Fun House


It’s 9:47 in the morning, and I swear to god I’m still drunk from last night. It’s not good, I had rather a lot to drink last night, and I am just waiting for the hangover to kick in. Alas, I have so much to do today and tonight (I still haven’t got my mum a birthday present, and it’s on Monday, SHIT!), so this blog is going to have to suffer, with a lazy entry. I’m sorry.

Firstly, there’s still hundreds (well, 13) left to answer from the Weblog Translation Quiz, so in a bid to encourage completion, it’s now open to 3 per person (so those who’ve already guessed can answer two more). Han e-mailed me to tell me she got them all right. She did too. The clever bean, though I did have a huge amount of hits yesterday from Babelfish…..

Right, for those who cannot be arsed competing, I did a bit of Youtube browsing and found episodes of Fun House, by far the greatest kid show ever. I have brought you part one for your viewing pleasure below.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the kid who plays for Leeds United academy, and laugh when he says “I’m going to play in the Premiership for them!”.

Those were the days though. Friday, 4:50, ITV. A time when “Your very own bank account” was a justifiable prize on a kids game show. A couple of kids from our school did actually appear on Fun House, but they lost.

Right, off to Llandudno to buy my mum a present. I’m so close to $50 for this month on Adsense too, so hopefully that’ll pay for it, rather than resorting to whoring myself out in a Paddy stylee.

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