March 21st, 2007
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Website Visualization Gallery


I’ve talked a lot about the “Website Visualization Gallery”, and I wasn’t sure how successful it would be. Thankfully, I’ve had a good handful of entries, which justify running this at least once. Thanks to Han, Paddy and Ryan for their submissions. I think it’s fair to say that I can’t draw, but it’s fascinating everybody’s different ideas, and common themes. Check the similarities between my one for and Paddy’s for

So, without further ado, here is the website visualization gallery for 21/03/07. In no particular order, and click on the image to make it bigger.

eruannarhys.jpg by Rhys: The bunny symbolizes the cute looks of the site, yet the KFC and the speech symbolizes the “uncute”, geeky content.

eruannaryan.jpg by Ryan


Fanboy Creative by Rhys: As the blog is well designed and coloured, I’ve visualized it as a picture.


Gospel According To Rhys by Han


Gospel According To Rhys by Ryan

meatpaddyrhys.jpg by Rhys


One Guy’s Journey To Lands Afar by Paddy


One Guy’s Journey To Lands Afar by Rhys: I think I’m being a bit cruel here, and I’m sorry dude.

So there’s the first “Website Visualization Gallery”. We’ve established that I can’t draw animals and cannot spell “Visualization”, spelling it a gazillion different ways in the experiment. Of course, if you want to contribute, it can be any website, just send an email with your drawing (either pc or photo of a drawing), and I’ll put it up in a new post someday.

Now, critique like the rubbish art critics you are!

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