March 22nd, 2007
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Whoopsii, I’ve bought a Wii


Whoops, look what I’ve bought myself off ebay.


Yes, a Nintendo Wii, words cannot express just how good of a little machine it is. Well, they probably can, but I’m having so much fun with it I can barely tear myself away from it. It is the most fun I’ve had both sober and with my clothes on, and I have rediscovered why I love video games so much.

I do however have some advice for people who are wanting one:

  • Don’t expect to play it straight away. Once set up (which took about a good 20 minutes) it spent about 45 minutes updating it’s firmware. Of course, I expect it to be shorter next time, but for everybody buying anew it could be longer. Of course, I was on a 512k network, so it probably was slow, but if you’re buying a Wii for a littleun’s christmas/birthday, take time to set it up the night before, otherwise there could be trouble.
  • A Second Wiimote is vital. Me and my brother can’t exactly play tennis or boxing in what little space we have, but for things like bowling and golf, it saves a lot of switching over.
  • Don’t do what I did on Wii sports and jump straight in to the “fitness” regime. I didn’t have a clue for half of the games, and ended up the machine saying I’m as fit as a 47 year old. It’s probably true, but still.
  • The internet channel is pretty good. By good I mean “all pages display as they should”. It’s probably no better than a really crap PC.
  • I haven’t tried the “Virtual Console” yet, as I haven’t had the money. I will do soon (Street Fighter 2 looks so tempting).
  • Add me as a friend if you have a Wii! My Wii number is 8781 2520 7829 2583. Currently, I have no friends on my friends list, despite signing upto a forum and two of my mates assuring me that they’ll add me to theirs. No joy as of yet though. I need other people’s Mii’s! Add your Wii number into the comment box.

Right, I’ve unlocked an amazing bowling style game where you get incremental rows of pins per frame (starts with 10, then 15, then 21 etc), and I’m hooked. Catch you tomorrow!

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