April 11th, 2007
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7 Goals, Metro Brit Blog Awards Scandal and Han’s Nomination


For anybody who loves football, rather than some whingy Azzuri lowlifes who’s form of “Football” is “hit as hard as you can on the pitch, go down quicker than a Brentford Prostitute on the Pitch”, last night’s result was brilliant. Manchester United 7, Roma 1.

This is the Champions League. This is the best of the best of football. The greatest teams in the world compete in the latter stages. By and large, the 8 teams that were left in the competition at 7pm tonight were amongst the best teams in Europe. And Manchester United beat Roma worse than they beat Burton Albion a few years back. It was utter bliss to watch.

You can’t help feel that Karma was helping last night. Roma (and Italian Football) have embarrassed Manchester United (and English Football) by sullying the majority of honest fans, whilst protecting it’s heavy handed police force. Even my Liverpool supporting mate wanted Manchester United to win. It’s nice to see in a game of divided loyalties that British fans have become so united (pardon the expression) against a team that’s hardcore contingent seems hell bent on destroying a pretty good reputation that British football has built up over the last few years.

The Italians hammered United on the Terraces in Rome last week. Thankfully, United hammered the Italians on the pitch last night.

In other news, congratulations to Han for being nominated for the “Best Youth Blogger” in the 2007 Best of British Blogs in the Metro. However, if you look at the awards and have half a brain, an eye for detail and ability to read (three character traits which I believe you don’t need to work for The Metro, but I digress) you’ll notice a small, but obvious mistake. Han’s blog title is wrong, peddling her off as Euranna (as like European Anna maybe?)


Shockingly bad journalism aside, congratulations to Han, her blogging ever since dumping me has been good (and, worryingly, mine has been on a free fall. It’s like she osmosised my blogging ability), and is far better at linkwhoring than me. Even though she’s disappointed that she won’t win a laptop, and she would have to write an article should she win, she deserves to win. I mean, she’s been blogging for 7 years, and she deserves recognition!

And to all the groupies after Han following her new fangled success, remember: I was there first.

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