April 10th, 2007
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Blogger Choice Awards and the Last Few Days


Hi everybody! I write this in a overly full hedonistic drunken stupor. I have eaten like a champion this weekend, with so much good food and good beer down my gullet it’s almost obnoxious. My mum, and the local eateries and breweries in Wales produce so much good food, I think I’m becoming addicted. With my bloated (“bloated?!?”*) stomach in mind, plus the fact that not all my readers have RSS Readers, here’s a summary of the weekend’s posts, so all you part time readers who only read blogs in work can catch up, then get back to work, you lazy fuckers.

Friday April 6th “Wii, Vista and Colwyn Bay Slowlinking on Good Friday” – I’ll be honest, I had a traffic spurt from Problogger, so I felt about doing a slowlinking post to show what this blog’s all about. It failed quite miserably, but I’m not bitter. Nevertheless, I give my thoughts on the weekend upcoming, and a little fun Mario Themed Game which – after 3 days – I’m still playing. I also talk about my Wii.

Saturday April 7th “Catching Up” – Hungover, I write about the evening’s events, plus a rather excellent game of football between Colwyn Bay and Cammell Laird, which also saw a streaker on the pitch. I mention the school reunion, organised on facebook, which made me become hungover. I also talk about my Wii.

Sunday April 8th “Happy Easter Sunday!” - A short post, with a picture of the easter basket, I ask the readers what they are upto for Easter. I also talk about my Wii.

Monday April 9th “Brother’s Birthday, My First Wii Injury and No Eyes” – It’s my brother’s 21st birthday, and I talk about that. I also mention and post a photo of me, which scares me because I seem to be lacking eyes. I also talk about my Wii.

Tuesday April 10th “Blogger Choice Awards and the Last Few Days” - So, to today I talk about the Blogger Choice Awards, another Blogging award scheme. I was going to throw my name in the hat for “Worst Blog Ever” Award, but decided that it’s too competitive. Instead, I fancy myself in the “Best Blog About Stuff” Category, so if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to vote for me, that’d be appreciated. It’s only 12 votes, I’m sure, between us, we can achieve this goal. Also, vote for Mike’s Money Making Mission in the Best Business Blog Category, as his blog has a better chance of winning, due to the fact his blog is actually good. I also talk about my Wii.

So. The Wii. Fucking excellent console, isn’t it?

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