April 9th, 2007
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Brother’s Birthday, My First Wii Injury and No Eyes


Today is my brother’s 21st Birthday. Mine was spent drinking Tequila and Champagne a couple of years back, and was rather drunkened. Rick, being the sensible trainee accountant that he is, is going to the Pen for a meal. Of course, it’s because he’s sensible, not the fact that my parents are paying for it, oh no. And he is catagorically not sodding them off after a couple of hours and going for a few beers in Colwyn Bay. Honest.

He loved my present – a Dave Gorman DVD – and we have a habit of buying each other ace presents (in fact, Rick for my 21st bought my gospelrhys.co.uk, so you can thank him for this domain). I did a lot better than my other brother, who’s buying him his present as we speak. I’m writing this to humiliate him so that it never happens again.

In sad news, I picked up my first Wii Injury today, during a pretty intense Power Bowling session on Wii Sports. I over-reached with the bowl, and ended up hurting my left bicep. Woe is me! It’s about 20 minutes after the injury as I type this, and I am in agony. Those who had 9th April in the Wii Sweepstakes can claim victory, but think of my pain!

Finally, photos from the boozy night out have gone up on facebook. You can see the ones featuring me in various states of drunkedness on my facebook page. One picture happens to be probably the worst picture of me ever taken (and that’s saying something). I can’t remember posing for this photo, but how the bloody hell did i manage to miss an important facial feature?


Knowing the person who took this couldn’t photoshop her way out of a wet paper bag, I know it’s real. Isn’t that scary?!?! What’s the worst photo you’ve ever been in? Bonus points for linkage!

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