April 7th, 2007
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Catching Up…..


Apologies for the lateness of today’s post, I’ve had such a thoroughly enjoyable last 24 hours, that it has just begun to catch up with me.

Yesterday I rang around a bunch of my mates, to see if we could drum together a fair number of us to watch Colwyn Bay vs. Cammell Laird, we managed about 4 of us, but nonetheless, the old addage of “Bring a Mate, Double The Gate” was in full throw. 551 people turned up yesterday! 551! We average 250 odd most games, so seeing half a thousand people supporting the game was brilliant.

And what a game it was, Colwyn Bay scored early on, but were put under the cosh almost immediately with some fine football from Cammell Laird. They equalized midway through a second half with a screamer of a goal that everybody in the crowd in awe and applauding. Following the break, we imposed ourselves more on the game, and got a good goal early in the 2nd half that beat the offside trap. After end to end football, with Cammell Laird having most of the possession but not creating chances, and Bay having the better chances but not converting, we ended up winning 2-1. The dream is still alive.

One humourous point of the game was that midway through the second half we had a streaker. Nothing like that ever happens at the bay, as usually the fans are like myself in stature or very old. Unfortunately, it was a male streaker, and due to the fact that nobody actually polices the Bay game, we all got quite an eyeful. Even a chant of “It’s Cold, but it’s not that cold” couldn’t get him from the pitch, and in the end he ran off the ground and was escorted out by two bemused stewards to the sounds of gratuitous applause. Bless him, he had balls.

In the evening, we went to Llandudno on a impromptu Eirias 2002 Reunion, probably the first thing we’ve ever organised through Facebook (Feel free to add me!). It was good catching up with a lot of people, a few I haven’t seen in years! All in all, a lot of alcohol was drank, no fags were smoked (the smoking ban makes such a difference) and I actually had a semi cheap night (considering I had a taxi, Broadway, and a fair amount to drink). I exchanged phone numbers with a few people, so we may hopefully keep in touch. I had such a good night that today I have been buzzing. Buzzed off to Llandudno, buzzed around Llandudno, and bought Zelda Twilight Princess

(thanks for your reccommendation Debbie, Jacob, Han and Peter). I’ve put a couple of hours in, but Wii Sports is back on (everybody needs to do their Wii fitness!). Hopefully I can sit down with it tonight and get some serious hours in. I will let you know how I get on later!

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