Colwyn Bay achieved another win on Saturday, beating a very good Brigg Town 4-2. The result leaves us with a simple solution to our future. If we beat Eastwood Town, then we are in the playoffs. It’s that simple. The rally call to arms for Colwyn Bay FC began at 5:10pm on Saturday. Bring a mate, bring a family member, bring your ex girlfriend who you don’t speak to. Bring anybody and everybody you can. It really is the biggest game for Colwyn Bay FC for a number of years now, and we need as many people there as possible. If you’re from the area, come! If you’re not, still come! Zandr, a mate of mine from Bradford, is making the trip. You all should too. If your leg has fallen off or you have another pathetic excuse, spread the word on our Facebook Event for the game. Thank you.

In semi-related news – I recieved a number of texts off my friends who had informed me that I was on the back of the North Wales Weekly News. Ironically, the only person who didn’t recognise me was me. Once I looked closely I could see it was me. I showed my mum and dad, who then tore off the back page, and proceeded to show any relative within a 50 mile radius. Luckily I managed to take a photo of it for you lot.


So, see if you can spot me in the above picture. Here’s a clue, I’m not on the pitch.

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