April 5th, 2007
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CSS Naked Day – April 5th 2007


What? You didn’t think I was actually going to get naked did you?

Today is CSS Naked Day, a day in which I proudly show off my body…..tag. Yes, I do this to remember those who are considerably less fortunate than myself, and are browsing in browsers that are even worse than Internet Explorer.

Why am I doing it? Well, partly to see who’ll actually read this, or who will think “fuck it, Rhys’ blog is broken, I can’t be arsed.”. I’m expecting a few readers to be honest, you’ve got the 70 or so RSS readers who see something similar to this every day.

I haven’t done much in the last 24 hours, so it’s been pretty boring. I simply watched both Man United and England struggle in football and cricket respectively, at the same time, whilst trying not to drink. I have had a beer every night for the past week, so need a couple of nights off before the Reunion which will be off all of the following: the charts, the page, the grid, the hook and – most importantly – the wagon. So I shall leave you with a question, in typical Ryan fashion:

How much would you demand from a magazine to pose in it in the buff?

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