April 17th, 2007
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GATR Invades Lisbon, Portugal


You may have seen these “What countries have you visited?” meme before. Basically, you tick a big long list of places you’ve visited/lived in, and a map is generated with those places on them. “Why have you never done one?” I hear you say. Well, truth be told, if I did, it wouldn’t be that impressive. Just to prove it, here’s mine


For Americans, Han and other people who are generally useless at geography, that red spot is the United Kingdom, the only country I have visited in the world, largely because I’ve never been abroad. The map lies too, it shows Northern Ireland being highlighted, and I’ve never been there also. Nope. England. Wales. Scotland. That’s been my exploration so far. It’s depressing, really it is. Opportunities haven’t presented themselves as, often, people’d rather go on holiday with Satan than go with me. Even when they have, I’ve used the excuse “I’m working”, “I can’t afford it”, “I’m not working”, I can’t be arsed” and probably the my classic excuse “My dad’s a milkman”. I know it sounds pathetic, but you know when you feel you’re ready to drive, I’ve never felt ready to go further than Torquay on holiday. My passport, with the exception of the odd visit to the Venue in Kent Uni, remains unused.

Until June 5th.

Rick, my brother, is quite a globetrotter, and has been known for holidaying on his own. When he came home three weeks ago I made sure I took him to the pub. I was keen to find out about his holiday plans and which company he travelled with (it’s likely I’m holidaying on my own this year), when between us and a few drinks we decided we wanted a trip to Portugal.

And, last night, we booked it. 3 days in Lisbon.

At the moment, all we’ve got are the flights. Rick is rather good at booking these things, so I’m letting him do most of the legwork. Here’s my main thoughts 12 hours after booking though.

  • I do not speak a word of Portugese, know where to go, what the beers like, or indeed anything about the culture except for “It looks like a nice place”. So, internet, what should I do? Where should I go? What’s there to see? What’s “Beer please!” in Portugal?
  • This is my first flight, and I’m a bit nervous. I was however nervous on the underground, and I’m a better user of it now than some official southerners. So, I’m excited/nervous. I really shouldn’t have watched Airport last night though. Soothe me internet!

Other than that, I’m looking forward to it. It should be ace! If – like me – you know fuck all about Portugal, why not do a map, and post it on your blog? It’s an easy post.

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