April 16th, 2007
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HD-TV and the Playstation 3 – My Thoughts


On Saturday after watching the Bay beat Gresley (which means we’re in the playoffs. Come on the Bay!), I went around to my mates house for a barbecue, and to watch the Man U / Watford game on HD.

I’ll be honest, the first half I was not impressed. Behind my mate’s back, we bitched: “It’s not as good as it’s made out to be, I can’t notice the difference!”, or words to that effect. It was just like watching normal TV.

Truth is that it was normal TV, we only realised it when we had a half time PS3 Session (more on that later), and realised the cable was unplugged.

We immediately put the HDMI cable in, and let out a collective “woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh”. HD is ridiculously clear, colourful and just looks wonderful. The second half of the football was probably better than actually being there, with the added bonus of being able to get pissed, and not being within the presence of Londoners. Joy.

It hurts the presenters though, as you see their warts and all. For example, did you know that Alan Hansen has serious dandruff? It was on the lapel of his jacket at half time, but cleared by the end of the game, sombody must’ve told him.

After the game, we played for a while on my mate’s PlayStation 3 Console. I’ve never actually played on one, despite being so visceral in my hatred of the console. It’s more Sony, saying arrogant statements such as “You should get a second job so you can afford it” doesn’t endear themselves to me. However, I was prepared to give it a chance with Gran Tourismo 5 (otherwise known as Gran Tourismo HD).

I’ll be honest, the graphics are fantastic, racing around a small mountainous rally track (it was only a demo) in a yellow Ferrari was brilliant. The lighting was perfect, and the way there was reflections on the road just seemed brilliant. It was all very photogenic.

But, it just seemed to be trying to hard. When I was a child, I used to pretend I had a computer by cutting up photos and moving them around on top of each other, that’s what it seemed like to me with Gran Tourismo. The controls were a bit twitchy and I found myself spinning off a number of times, even with traction control on full whack. I think this is just me, as I’m generally piss poor at “Real” driving games. Even so, it was only a demo, so I’m sure the studio will tweak it though.

However, one thing they won’t tweak is the actual game. The PS3 at the moment seem to have an abundance of driving and shooting games, many of them cross released on the Xbox 360. Nothing new is offered. You may get the odd game like Guitar Hero with a guitar, but it just feels like the same old games, just with better graphics.

After the gaming, I got hammered and constantly argued the corner as a drunken Wii Fanboy. I should’ve offfered my “Describe what’s good about the PS3 bar the graphics” challenge, but I didn’t. I have a feeling I pissed off a few people (i’m an ace drunk me, but I think my heated conversations may have got to a few people.). If I did I’m sorry. Nevertheless, today was spent nursing a hangover and sleeping. Life, for now, is good.

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