April 28th, 2007
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Judgement Day


By god, I promised myself I wouldn’t get excited, but waking up at 5am because you cannot sleep is worrying. I haven’t done that since Christmas Morning 1996.

No, it’s not my latest hypochondriac illness, but Colwyn Bay FC vs. Eastwood Town. I’ve received a hell of a lot of stick in the past few days saying ‘it’s only a game’, ‘it’s not like it’s Manchester United’ and the ilk, but I really don’t care. In the past 2 months especially, Colwyn Bay FC has been the one thing I look forward too more than most. I missed so many games this season, but now I feel truly integrated within the club, and feel welcomed. It would be so nice if our season doesn’t end today, but in two games times. But, we mustn’t overlook today.

On top of it, Zandr’s on his way down from Bradford. He texted me at 6am on a Saturday saying he’s excited. Whether he is excited because it’s a change to the usual, or I like to think that my passion has rubbed off on him. Ask Han, I get passionate about very few things in life. Colwyn Bay FC has become one of them, and boy am I looking forward to today.

One of the other fans gave me a flag to paint, and I’m afraid I’ve done a crap job of it, but the flag is huge, so hopefully I can gangtie it to the ground somewhere.


I dunno if you can see my foot at the bottom of the picture, and it’s elevated over the flag. I’ve had to stand on the sofa to take the photo. It is that big.

Zandr is due anytime soon. So I’ll leave you with words I heard over the world cup: “Forget every penny I’ve earnt, every single drink I’ve drunk, every woman I’ve ever slept with. The next 7 hours mean everything.”

Come 5pm, I could be crying with joy, or crying with sadness. Either way, I cannot wait.

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