April 30th, 2007
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Kent Earthquake – Call that a Quake?


I know my mum too well, so much so that I now know what she says in certain situations. There are certain stories that, as her first born, I’ve heard time and time again. I predict them now, it’s rather amusing.

One such prediction happened this weekend.

If you watch the news, the big story this weekend was the Kent Earthquake. Of course, it was rather piddly, so much so that when it was announced as breaking news, the words “I didn’t feel a thing” were said in unison by a large number of Kent residents. The first time those words have been said in Kent since I split up with Han.

Of course, being a slow news day, it was all over the news, with big orange breaking news banners straddling the bottom of every news channel in the UK, Press Conferences were held, big flashy diagrams were used, and all sorts of Geophysics experts were drafted from the dole line to talk about rocks. Whoopee doo.

Anyway, was sat when this was announced with my mum. Whenever there’s an earthquake in the world mum mentions the 5.4 Richter Nefyn Earthquake in 1984, which my mum (and a very young sexy Welshman who happens to write this blog) experienced. I said to Aled “I bet you that mum’ll mention the earthquake we had up here.”.

It came on the news.

“Oooh! There was an earthquake up here when you were little Rhys! The plates shook and I spilt my tea, but it was a bit exciting!”.

I burst into hysterics.

Also, I can say I have survived a natural disaster. What’s been the most extreme weather or natural disaster you have been a witness of? My dancing is not a natural disaster by the way.

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