April 3rd, 2007
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No Smoking in Wales, and 3 Hours of Bliss


Yesterday, I had a short day in work, as I was taking my mum to the Rhos Fynach in Rhos on Sea, a lovely little pub and restaurant with a bloody hard quiz on a Tuesday night. See, I can be a caring soul. Plus there’s nothing greater than drinking when most people who haven’t booked time off and got a stupid amount of Holiday Pay due are in work. Bonus points that I was getting paid for it.

Anyway, I walked into the pub, and immediately, one sign hit me, more than any other.


Yes, we’ve gone the way of Ireland and Scotland, and you cannot smoke in pubs and clubs in Wales.

As a non smoker, I love it! The pub last night wasn’t busy, so I managed to wear the same t-shirt two days running, and it didn’t smell of smoke. The same happened today – the pub were completely devoid of smoke (and the Fynach is averagely smoky). It was absolute bliss!

Of course, the real test will be this weekend. I’m going to watch Colwyn Bay play Cammel Laird (the social club at times can feel like it’s being fumagated), but then I’m planning on hitting the town, and going to Broadway. I always come back from Broadway reeking of fags, so it will be interesting to be in a nightclub where I don’t smell like a human ashtray the next day. What do you think?

Apart from that, I enjoyed my half-day off work. I ate ice-cream, drank a little beer, and browsed Rhos on Sea. It’s full of little touristy shops – one of which sell stickers with names on them. Lo and behold, they had Rhys, but not Richard! I felt so proud, until I saw the other names. Brittany, Shaznay, Wayne, Chardonnay and Rebbecca spelt with a “K”, and 4 “B”‘s.

Once I got home, and answered a cold call (long story short – I was offered “Personal Injury Insurance” for the sole reason that I could injure myself severely playing on my Wii), and sat down in front of the TV to watch the Cricket. By god it wasn’t productive, but I was on holiday, I didn’t care!

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