April 2nd, 2007
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Oh How (Some of Us) Laughed


In case you missed it yesterday, here was yesterday’s April Fool’s.

Gospel According To Rhys from Wikipedia

I’m rather proud of it. Simple. Effective. Confused some people. When people realised that it was fake they said. Oh, that is good.

But the best thing was that it was controversial. Last year I got the ire of the BBC for keeping my April Fools up. This year I pissed off Rhyl for picking on them. It’s an April Fools Gag guys! Lighten up!

One thing I was a bit annoyed with was that how quick Technorati picked up on the change of my blog name, thinking my blog was called “Rhys Wynne – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia”.


Seriously, it was bloody quick.

All in all, I’m happy, why? Because I sneaked in some information into the April fool, to be used on a post!

Right, on my Wikipedia article, there are 10 facts under Trivia. Some are true, some are false. Guess which is which?

As I said, blogging will be a bit of a chore today, it’s my mum’s 21st (plus 10957 days) birthday. We’re going to the Rhos Fynach for lunch, so that’ll be nice. I did kinda screw up with the present though. I wrapped it (in a way that only a man can) and put it in the corner. Bonnie was sniffing around the presents, and I said to my mum “don’t move the chocolates!”.

Least she can’t figure out the bottle shaped present I got her!

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