April 27th, 2007
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Top 10 Best Jobs Your Partner Could Have


We had a rather heated discussion at work, after my mate (the bastard) has pulled a shockingly hot dentist. He now gets free dental treatment, she now puts her metal prongy things in his mouth, whilst he puts fleshy prongy things in her mouth.

The conversation was on the lines of “What would be the best job for your boyfriend girlfriend to have?”.

A couple of rules though.

It has to be on job purpose, rather than romance associated with it. For example, if we take Celeste’s new snog buddy. Mr Fighter Pilot. Sure, he may be like Goose from Top Gun, but unless Celeste wants the entire Estonian Air Force destroyed, his job has very little real world application.

Same for money wise. Sure investment bankers are loaded and stuff. But let’s be honest, unless you need to invest heavily in the FTSE100, they won’t be useful. Besides, there’s the stigma that your job is cocky rhyming slang for wanker.

So, with that in mind, there is the GATR list of 10 best jobs that your partner could have.

  1. Dentist
  2. Doctor
  3. Microbrewer
  4. Aston Martin Dealership Owner
  5. Wii games tester
  6. Personal Trainer
  7. Lawyer
  8. Landlady
  9. Events hospitality manager for the Welsh Rugby Team
  10. Car mechnaic

I’ll be honest, I was struggling towards the end, so what would you put, and why?

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