I know I said I wasn’t blogging, I did lie, but you’ll be pleased that I spent very little time actually sat in front of a computer yesterday. Instead, spent time in the garden, watching TV, and generally not doing anything that could hurt my already delicate neck. It was very very sore. Now, not so much. Instead, just a quick post.

  • Like a lot of you I was shocked by the Virginia Massacre, but I was angry that in little over 4 hours from the start of it an idiot known as Jack Thompson was on Fox News linking the attack to violent video games. As somebody who has played pretty much every violent video game ever made, I can safely assume I wouldn’t go postal on some university campus. I would not, and could not kill anybody. I’m pretty sure that most of my readers have played video games, some violent, some not so violent, and we’re all pretty much well adjusted people. Of course, I’m preaching to the converted – and the chance of Jack Thompson actually using the internet and reading this article, but in my opinion, video games are not hate filled, Jack Thompson is.
  • One thing my mates are saying frequently at the moment is “oh I don’t want West Ham to go down, they’re a nice club.”. I always disagree, due to an incident when me and Guy got some abuse in Liverpool from a bunch of knuckle-dragging scum dressed in West Ham colours (Guy was wearing his Chelesa shirt). They always say “You’re wrong!”. I’m right. A minority of West Ham fans always seem to go too far (I emphasise minority) which means that I don’t have much love for the club. I rarely want to see teams relegated. West Ham are one of them.
  • This story seems to be doing the rounds. A sex theme park in London. I assume it’s where Segaworld used to be in the Trocadero, but by god I wonder what it would entail. Suggestions please in the comment box! Would you go?

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