April 23rd, 2007
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You Know It’s Been “Too Long” When


I’m usually the last to leave the house every morning, I manage to catch one half of the Crystal Maze, and give myself until the end of the second game in the third zone before leaving the house. Today, I was rudely interrupted from a pink thicko trying to figure out a slidey puzzle by a phone call.


It was a woman, with a gorgeous young sounding voice. Well spoken, yet not posh.

“Hi, my names Jennifer, I’m ringing about the escort.”

I double took. Did she say what I thought she said. It is early.

“Beg your pardon?”

“I’m ringing about the escort.”

YES! I thought, my mates have decided to club together and buy me a lady for the day. Better yet, the word that I’m great looking, great company and a great shag has gotten out, and I’ve unexpectedly opened my own escort business for rich young businesswomen who care scarily too much about their careers. Or more than likely it’s because my dad’s selling his Ford Escort in the paper.

“Sorry! It’s already gone!”. I slam the phone down. Vile temptress teasing me.

So, in light of a comment Celeste left last week about “Sex == Comments” I ask you this: ever used your god given assets to get your own way, make money or get somebody to do something for you?

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