As you may already could tell, the last few days have been so busy that I’ve hardly seen a computer screen, even in work. Today, not so much, as it’s Friday, the long weekend (may not be a Monday entry because of it) has got me relaxed, so I’m spending the day just quietly getting on with what I must, before retiring to the pub, and getting mullared. A good gague to how much non internet stuff I have is my Google Reader account, as the amount of stuff I have on in real life is proportional to how much stuff I have on Google Reader. This is todays count.


Business, thy name is Rhys.

Anyway, you may have noticed the hiawge title. The reason being is because, well, Han’s being going insane over it, worse than Hurley in Lost with “The Numbers”. She sent me a URL with it on, and invited me to a facebook group. I have no idea what these numbers mean, and I cannot be arsed to check. Anybody please explain the significance of them?

Also over the past few days this blog went down. Turned out my Toplist was causing a lot of stress on the server, so I’ve switched it off and come up with a separate plan for that domain. But, I worry about you, I really do. I recieved a substantial number of e-mails asking me where my blog was, and even a few texts. I mean, I’m not that addictive am I? If my blog was to go down permanently, what would you do?

flag.pngEDIT: I have changed the title of the post due to this article on the beeb. I do believe the DRM’ers are a morally retarded bunch of bullies who’s quest for financial gain is sabotaging civilization. However, I only posted it in the title because I didn’t know what it meant. I don’t really want them on my back. Instead, I’ve changed the title (anybody with half a brain can figure out how to get to the original number) and I’m flying the flag. I know the chances of them launching a legal challenge against Wales’ favourite blogger is next to nil, I just don’t want a grief. If you came here looking for the HD-DVD Encryption Key, just fucking google it!

Vive La resistance!

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