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After training last Wednesday, I decided – I need boots. The trainers which I have aren’t up for the serious kicking for 90 minutes. Couple that with the shit weather we are having at the moment means that the ground on Wednesday could be as wet and slippery that night in a hotel with me, the Ladies Brazilian Beach Volleyball Team, and gallon of baby oil. But I digress. I need boots.

My first port of call was online. It’s cheap, easy and I could order them anytime. A quick search of a few sites my brother gave me lead me to one site, that has football boots for £20. Brilliant. They arrived last Friday. Excitedly, I opened it up and stared in horror with what lay before me.


You see, there’s an annoying trend at the moment regarding football boots. You can get every shade under the sun, except black. My shorts and socks for the day (unless I hear otherwise) are black. I knew they were going to be blue (“Electric Blue” the listing said, it was that or “Royal Red”, and – whilst I’m neither Trini nor Suzannah, I thought the blue of the boots would kinda go with the blue of the Colwyn Bay FC Shirt), just not that blue. Could you imagine these bad boys on my feet? The crowd’ll be in fits of hysterics (they will be anyway seeing the worst footballer to grace the pitch ever in myself, but I digress). I just couldn’t wear them.

Luckily, they didn’t fit. So, like all shoes that don’t fit. I sent the buggers back. I then toddled off to my local sports superstore (clue: it’s name rhymes with Gay Gay Tee), and after a discussion with the amicable fellow who helped me choose (“Buy these”, he said, “because they’re exactly the same as these, £2 cheaper, and I get commission”), I plumped for these.


There we go. Good honest pair of boots. Of course, the cynical amongst you would say, that as it’s Nike, they were stitched together by a 6 year old Cambodian AIDS orphan, and you’d probably be right. Still, a good pair of boots, that fit me and I can run around the hallowed turf at Llanelian Road on Saturday with only my inept ability to blame, rather than my footwear.

I’m breaking them in tonight in the final training session before the big game. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to be going all guns blazing, as I don’t want to get injured before the big game. Nevertheless, it should be a good run out.

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